landing spots

If you are looking for my old blog, Upside Down B, here she is if you'd like to poke around in the archives.

And here are my "link loves!" There are so many places I love to visit out here in Bloglandria.... Go grab a cup of coffee, prop up your feet, and visit a few with me!

Good for...

....your soul:
The Art House
The Gospel Coalition Blogs
The Curator

...creative inspiration:
A Bird in the Hand
Carla Sonheim
Donna Downey
etsy blog
Jenni Horne
Pam Carriker
Paulette Insall
Sara Ahearn
Valentina Ramos

...making a beautiful home:
Miss Mustard Seed
Young House Love
Chris Kauffman
funky junk interiors
The Lettered Cottage

...literary inspiration:

And here are my bloggy friends:
humming right along....
Prone to Wander
Gingerbread House