2018 Books


Although I didn’t nearly read as many books as I had hoped to, 2018’s book list isn’t too shabby with a total of 23 books read or listened to. E books dominated by far:

Paper books: 6
Audio books: 4
E books: 13

Favorite Fiction: Barrowfields (Audio)
Favorite General Non-Fiction: Tie between Educated (Audio) and Grain Brain (E)
Favorite Christian Non-Fiction: Unseen Realm (Paper)

Full list in order read:

  1. News of the World (E)

  2. Barrowfields (Audio)

  3. Beautiful Not Yet (Paper)

  4. Thornbirds (E)

  5. Annihilation (E)

  6. Remains of the Day (E)

  7. Ideal Team Player (E)

  8. Mag Pie Murders (Audio)

  9. Unseen Realm (Paper)

  10. Contemplative Vision (Paper)

  11. Dispatches from Pluto (E)

  12. Illusion of Separateness (E)

  13. Apostle’s Creed (E)

  14. In This House of Brede (E)

  15. The Endurance (Audio)

  16. Interludes (E)

  17. The Bible as Communication (Paper)

  18. Hermeneutics (Paper)

  19. Murder of Roger Ackroyd (E)

  20. Gratitude (Paper)

  21. Joy of Poetry (E)

  22. Educated (Audio)

  23. Grain Brain (E)