Beach Thoughts

Yesterday started with a crimson sky and ended with lavender. I love the beach and how strongly I feel God's Presence here. Every year it is a time of refreshing for me. Here are some "beach thoughts" from this past week:

1. Life Rule: For the second year, S and I have started a new journal/planner at the beach - Sacred Ordinary Days. Part of the journal is thinking about your "Life Rule". Psalm 65:11b has spoken to me this week and I will be chewing on it as the basis of my rule for this next "year". 

You crown the year with bounty, your wagon tracks overflow with abundance.
— Psalm 65:11

And here are some good words from a fellow traveler i'll be chewing on as I work on my rule. 

2. Oh, the things I want to do! Mind, Body, Soul, Home, Work, Others, and Steward. These are my categories this year. And here's my monthly focus for each:

  • Mind: Register and prepare for Knox class this fall. 
  • Body: Just move it. And put good stuff in it. 
  • Soul: Always quiet time.... Scripture, prayer.
  • Home: Just one deliberate thing a day.
  • Work: Don't let the day happen to me... Do two deliberate things every day.
  • Others: Reach out to someone everyday.
  • Steward: Track money with spreadsheet daily.

3. Creative things for this month: 

  • Complete drawings for Alphabet book!
  • Finish Afghan
  • Finish guest room decor/organization
  • Start on master bedroom!!! Ack, it's so bad!

4. Family stuff:

  • Mary to school!
  • Wedding focus
  • Grammy boxes
  • Matt wellness
  • Weekend with A&T!

That's all for now. I'm so good at making lists and not-so-good at execution!