Saturday Summary


1. Loving: My new snazzy office clock. Christmas present to me! Found it on Etsy from Uncommon Handmade

.2. Reading: Before the Fall (January Book & a Bottle book club selection)

3. Listening: A Hillbilly Elegy (Just finished. So, so good! If you are from a state like West Virginia or Louisiana, there's probably a lot you can relate to even if you aren't a "hillbilly." The author narrated and did a fabulous job.)

4. Cooking: This week I've managed to cook a pot of "Mexican" soup (involves beans, chicken, and zucchini) and a family favorite - balsamic roast with "mushy" potatoes, green beans, and broccoli. 

5. Making: Inspired by Mary to make a bullet journal but still figuring out how to incorporate it into my morning/daily routine. Not sure if it will be for me or not. Also - doodled today a little wreath. : - )

6. Happening: Our grand-dog Annie went home last night. I'm afraid her mommy might find her a little heavier than she left her.... Grampy likes to give her treats. : - O 

7. ....and of course....have to include some kid pics!!