"My" Book Challenge 2017

My Buddy S challenged me to make my own 2017 book challenge, which I did. I started from her categories (you can read here) and then adapted them to suit me. I also gave myself the stipulation that I had to OWN the book in some form or another already. Read: I WILL NOT USE THIS AS AN EXCUSE TO AMASS (hoard??) EVEN MORE BOOKS! So here's my categories, my selections and the form in which I have them. 

1. Book I loved a long time ago - Outlander (I read this in my 20s.... at least twice!) (Paper, Kindle, Audio)
2. Prize-Winning book - Mrs. Kimble (Penn-Hemingway) (Paper)
3. Book I can't believe I haven't read - Harry Potter (Really, I haven't!) (Paper, Kindle, Audio)
4. Collection of essays - How the Universe Got It's Spots (Christmas present from Buddy S) (Paper)
5. Book someone gave me - Emily Alone (Surprise gift from neighbor L by an author I love) (Paper)
6. Book about books - End of Your Life Book Club (Heard so many good things about this) (Paper)
7. Book on a hard topic - The Geography of Memory: A Pilgrimage through Alzheimers (Paper)
8. Collection of short stories - Winesburg, Ohio (Highly recommended) (Kindle)
9. Book from a genre I don't usually read - The Sisters Brothers (Western) (Kindle)
10. Memoir - I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (This is one I've had on my list for some time) (Paper, Audio)
11. Book about family generations - Home Going (This is on a lot of Best of 2016  lists) (Kindle)
12. Classic I've never read - The Grapes of Wrath (Paper)

I'm not sure which I will read first. I need to finish January's book club selection first. I'll keep you updated!