"Saturday" Summary

A bit late on my "Saturday" summary! We were in Bluffton this weekend for New Baby's "Sprinkle" so not much time to write. Happy MLK Day!

1. Loving: My new "do".....er.... I think I do, anyway. Good to have something different, I suppose!

.2. Reading: Finished Before the Fall (January Book & a Bottle book club selection) Now on to one of my challenge books - A Book I Loved a Long Time Ago - Outlander

3. Listening: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (Written and read by Maya Angelou. Some books inspire you to write. Some books just astound you at the author's talent. This book makes me NOT want to write because I think this author has used every word in every beautiful way possible so there's nothing else to be said! Marvelous to listen to her voice.)

4. Cooking: This week I've managed just some old standby's - Beef vegetable soup and shepherd's pie. One pie went to our life group kickoff Thursday. What a crowd!

5. Making: Hmmmm..... not much this week really. No progress on BuJo. No crochet although I have TWO important projects with deadlines for two sweet girls I have got to work on!! I did have a couple of hours with A & T making snowflakes! There was a LOT of paper cutting and gluing going on!

6. Happenings: Best Buddy S had her second surgery this week. Expanders out and implants in. Overall it went well. Still in recovery mode. Check out her blog post here. College applications are still being finished. Exciting times! Plus this week was E's 24th birthday!! We'll be going to Richmond soon for a post-birthday weekend celebration.  

7. Plus.... We spent most of the weekend in Bluffton for New Baby's "sprinkle." All five of us were together so that was good and these days doesn't happen too often with everyone going their own directions. So good to see L. The girl has loads of personality. Plus I had eight hours of driving/talking time with E which was very special. She had me laughing, laughing with blow-by-blow details of her recent trip to NYC with her boy Richie. Adventures!!