I'm turning 47 tomorrow and I thought this would be a good time to dust off my (10)(10) list. Some small progress made..... Hmmm..... What will be my biggest targets for year 47?? I think I started this at 44 or 45 and, frankly, I haven't done so well. Lack of being intentional. So maybe 47 will be the Intentional Year.... the Year of Intent? I'll have to work on naming that. 

I like to set extravagant, bold, beautiful goals. I like to dream big. It bothers me not at all if I don't achieve them. I believe that if I set lofty goals and just manage to accomplish some of them, then I've done something wonderful. 

I also love the beginnings of things.... New Years is my favorite holiday. The first of a month is a lovely day. I even like Mondays, don't tell! So, here I am at the last day of 46 looking forward to the first day of 47. I love the possibility of what this year can be. I love hope.

John 10:10: The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. So, here's to grabbing hold of the life abundant that Jesus came to give us! These are mostly fun, I-hope-to-do things. Not deep spiritual, important-to-my-soul things. I suppose that's another list for another day. 

1-Walk the Camino,
2-Write a novel/short story collection,
3-Write a non-fiction book,
4-Write a collection of poems,
5-Visit top nine bookstores in U.S. (a.The Strand in NYC, b.Politics & Prose in D.C., c.Elliot Bay Book Co. in Seattle, d. ) Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver, Co.)
6-Learn a foreign language,
7-Create a calendar with my art,
8-Go on a silent 3-day retreat,
9-Stay at a monastery,
10-Open an Etsy store,
11-Host a fancy six-person dinner party,
12-Remodel kitchen with open cabinets (Did this but without the open cabinets!)
13-Make our bedroom a haven,
14-Knit or crochet a sweater or something to wear,
15-Make a quilt,
16-Walk ten half-marathons in ten different states (a.PAb.NC)
17-Visit a flea market in *ten* different states of the union (a.Mile High Flea Market in Denver, Co 6/12),
18-Visit the Grand Canyon,
19-Make a family photo album,
20-Visit Niagara Falls,
21-Write a one-year diary for Matt,
22-Stay in a dune shack for a week,
23-Visit Hawaii,
24-Visit Alcatraz,
25-Paint a portrait of every family member,
26-Dance at all my children’s weddings (a.Sean & Mindi - check!),
27-Float in the Dead Sea,
28-Dip my toe in the Nile,
29-See the Mona Lisa,
30-Plant a vegetable garden,
31-Buy a VW Bug (Bought a convertible Mini instead, check!)
32-Refinish my mother’s hope chest,
33-Finish the books I haven't read on the Big Read,
34-Catalog my personal library,
35-Plant a flower garden,
36-Take a class on wine,
37-Read 25 poetry collections,
38-Have a poem published in a magazine,
39-Have an article published in a magazine,
40-Make a family tree,
41-Visit the most beautiful libraries in the U.S. (a.NYC-check!),
42-Go to the Biltmore,
43-Host a crawfish boil,
44-Go to an opera,
45-Go to a ballet,
46-Plant a magnolia tree,
47-Put up a hammock,
48-Take a technology break for a week once a year,
49-Write my own recipe book,
50-Take Matt on a surprise getaway,
51-Take a photography class,
52-Take ballroom dancing lessons,
53-Take shag lessons,
54-Crochet an afghan for each of my children and their spouses and grands, (Mary, Ellen, Leelyn, check!)
55-Drive across the United States,
56-Go to San Antonio,
57-Write an “In case I die suddenly letter”,
58-Grow a lemon tree,
59-Have a family portrait made,
60-Finish visiting list of historic NC churches,
61-Find Mrs. Lonez and tell her thanks,
62-Visit Sandra’s grave,
63-Get down to my goal weight and stay there for a year,
64-Visit ten coffee houses in old NC/SC/Va towns,
65-Have a cul-de-sac party,
66-Hike Grandfather Mountain,
67-Sell something in Swank,
68-Make 100 beautiful things,
69-Be a vegetarian for a year,
70-Buy 100 handmade items,
71-Spend the day at Metropolitan and National Gallery alone,
72-Visit 25 countries virtually,
73-Learn to play a musical instrument,
74-Make a font,
75-Write a letter to my great granddaughters,
76-Open my own business,
77-Complete 20 important, huge, impressive organization projects,
78-Write a letter to Angie, Tammy, and Julie,
79-Learn to clog and dance with a team,
80-Plan my funeral,
81-Write a prayer book,
82-Watch 50 great movies,
83-Listen to 100 new songs, pod-casts or audio books,
84-Walk and blog a virtual Camino,
85-Go to Nova Scotia with Matt,
86-Go to Acapulco,
87-Go on a cruise to Alaska,
88-Learn how to play chess,
89-Buy a telescope and learn how to use,
90-Visit Auschwitz,
91-Take a house boat vacation on a river (Planning this in France, 2016!)
92-Leave 20 of my poems in library books in 20 different cities,
93-Sleep on the beach,
94-See 50 great pieces of art,
95-Have fresh flowers in the house every week for a year,
96-Read 25 great biographies,
97-Ride a dinner train,
98-Go to a mystery theater,
99-Be a contributing writer in a online blog/ezine for women,
100-Make 52 pieces of art in a year.