Bookish Things #1

I am long overdue on making my 2015 To Be Read list. Ha! I thought I should get started on 2016 now, so I'll be putting a few "Bookish Things" up in the coming days. 

One thing I am realizing is that technology has transformed the way I read. Not so long ago, I was reading 35 or 40 books a year, almost all paper-books, fiction and non-fiction, and maybe listening to 10 as I drove to and from work. In the past three or four years, my reading has dramatically cut back. I am finishing fewer and fewer books. I find myself starting books and forgetting I was even reading them. Now I read mostly on my ipad Kindle app and am pretty sure this is what has greatly diminished my attention span. I'll read about a place or person or idea that I am not familiar with and find myself clicking over to Safari to find out more.... The next thing I know - Wham! - I have lost an hour to surfing around reading about the history of Jewish Golems! Or about Finnish culture.... While it's good to learn, I easily get lost in these rabbit holes and have a hard time finding my way back to the surface.

I'm challenging myself to take an inventory of what I'm reading and what I want to read for the remainder of this year and next. Hopefully, these posts will help me keep on track. First, let me start with a topic I've really had a heart to learn more about - worship.

1. Worship books. I struggle with having spent many years in a more structured liturgical worship service and now being in a much less structured/liturgical, more contemporary church. I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to really worship God. What does He want? What does He demand? I know it is a heart issue and I have a great desire to worship Him in truth and spirit. I've picked some books to read to help me think and pray through some questions I have:

Next post: Christian Growth/Biblical Study Books