Monday Mushrooms

My Buddy S sent this to me today.... Friday is my birthday and I think she intends to send me a photo everyday. She said:

"Saw this little couple on my walk this morning and they made me think of you and Matt... snuggled up all those years in a double bed. : - )" 

Hubs and I did indeed sleep 28 years on a double bed before breaking down and getting a king. We were just sleeping too poorly but both agree the double bed years have been an important contributor to our marriage's longevity. Who can really stay mad at someone when you are sleeping with them in a double bed?? 

S is blogging here again..... She has a 50 in 5 years goal that is pretty cool. Of course she's encouraging me to jump in along side her..... Hmmmm.... 30 in 3, maybe? Friday will be 47! Which is actually pretty cool because I think most of this past year I've somehow been thinking I was ALREADY 47 and just did the math and realized I am turning 47 NOW!  Ha. So either I can look at it as I've missed year 46 or I get to do 47 over again!!