For Today... I am stumbling around this blog I put together at the beginning of the year, full of lots of intentions to write and reflect. How to get my blogging mojo back? The Daybook has been a comfortable place for me in the past, so I thought I'd see if this would get some thoughts flowing, some keys a-tap-tapping! 

Outside my window... the sun is blissfully shining after quite a few days of rain and clouds. 

I am thinking... about how I want...desire...need.... to purposefully slow down. How I want to stop cramming days so full that they seem to be coming apart at the seams and leaking into the next. Even in writing this, I feel hurried for no reason. 

I am thankful... for a husband who understands the need for down days, who forgives me when I am snappy, and who has the courage to gently point out to me the jagged little places in my soul on which I seem to be getting snagged.

I am wearing... yoga pants!! I really DO intend to at least take a short walk today!

I am creating... a Duke blue afghan for Erin for Christmas. I hope to break out a canvas to start a new project today, too!

I am going... to catch up on Bible study lessons today!!

I am wondering... about Lucia Berlin and this collection of short stories I came across this morning. Should I buy....? A little steep for an e-book.

I am reading... Lila. Struggling with this one. Also reading Missing Jesus (paperback) and You Can Change (e-book).

I am hoping... to do something for NaNoWriMo with Mary this year. Novel? (Gulp!) Short stories? Poetry? I'm leaning toward focusing on short stories. Seems a little more doable. 

I am learning... to make greenery wreaths. A friend asked me to make a couple for her daughter's wedding last weekend. It was intimidating, but I did it. I think they turned out wonderfully! I had some help from Buddy S. I want to make a more simple (smaller) one this week sometime and see how long it lasts. 

In my garden... eh.... things are a bit out of control after ending yard service and storms coming through. Hope to do up some fall window boxes this coming weekend and spend some time picking up debris if the weather allows this week!

In my kitchen... I will be trying this yummy-looking fall fruit salad for the elder meeting we are hosting next Monday!  The menu will be Carolina vinegar pork bbq, balsamic roast, avocado potato salad, coleslaw, seven-layer salad (I hope from Buddy S), above-mentioned fruit salad, Paula Dean's Not Yo' Mama's Banana Pudding, and Pennsylvania Witch Chocolate Pie (personal recipe).

A favorite quote for today... "Scripture exhibits... its own truth as sweet and bitter things their taste." ~John Calvin

One of my favorite things... FREE STUFF!! Found this lovely on the side of the road in my neighborhood with a "free" sign on it! 

free chair.jpg

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