The 52 Bags Project

My philosophy on goals is to be extravagantly optimistic. I believe in dreaming big for the possibilities that a new year brings. I know other people either don't make any goals for the new year or simply choose a word that signifies what they hope to achieve. And that's wonderful. Whatever works for you. If goals are intimidating or useless to you, by all means I won't judge! If a word helps you define where you are going, I applaud! But for me, writing goals - massive, sweeping, jaw-dropping goals - is wonderful! I rarely complete even half of what I set out to do, but if I don't set the bar high, I find myself doing nothing.... the year ends without much to show for it. So, categorized, color-coded, detailed goals it is for me! 

And here's the first I'll share here: 52 BAGS PROJECT.

Get rid of one trash bag of "stuff" from my life per week. (Close your eyes for a minute and imagine 52 trash bags in your living room. Now imagine all of that GONE! Nice, huh?) Here's my first bag.... It's from my closet and only took me about 15 minutes to fill up with clothes I probably haven't worn in over two years. One dress was given to me by a friend with the tags still on it. Guess what? The tags are still on it! Off to Goodwill they all go! I'm feeling lighter already!