as for books....

2014 was a sparse year for books although my gut tells me it was better than 2013. Alas, since I haven't been doing any blogging, there's no real record of what has been read (or listened to) in at least two, maybe three years! (For an archive of book reviews at my old blog, see links at bottom of this post.)

So - 2014.....

1. Book of the Year: Hidden in the Gospel (5 of 5 stars). Get it, read, then reread. I need this message daily. I think ended up buying at least six copies to give away as Christmas gifts. Love, love, love the premise (preach the whole gospel to yourself daily!) and the writing (personal and attainable). 

2. Fiction worth mentioning:

3. Nonfiction worth mentioning:

I know there were at least a few more books I read or listened to this year, but this is a pretty good representation. If you'd like to see books I've read and reviewed in years past on my old blog, here are the links:

Titles A to E
Titles F to J
Titles K to O
Titles P to T
Titles U to Z

More to come on reading plans and challenges in 2015! Happy reading!