2014 - a review of sorts

2014 was a good solid year!  

  • a few visits this year to The Boy & The Girl saw them happily settled in South Carolina with the best visit being Thanksgiving and the announcement that we are going to be grammy and pappy in May, 2015!! HUGE, HAPPY NEWS!!
  • 2014 was the "Year of Schooling"....In May E graduated from NC State and then August saw her settled in Tallahassee starting a doctoral program at FSU in Political Science. August also saw Mary in public school for the first time at PHS in 10th grade. So far, so good. And in September, The Boy started working on his MBA at the University of South Carolina.  
  • a quick business trip to New Orleans in February ended with a visit with my parents in Central La. I took another trip in September to see them but this time my sister was there, too. It was good to be with her. 
  • God inserted a special young couple (J&S) into our lives along with their two babies, the second of which I had the privilege to *almost* see born in June! And in October while their parents went on a mission trip to Costa Rica, we had a fun, fun, fun time of taking care of them for 8 days! 
  • I was able to get a new-to-me car in July that I'm still really enjoying driving (2006 convertible mini coop - orange!) and Mary got her learners permit in August!
  • Matt had knee surgery in January, a slow and steady recovery followed with a deliberate training plan for the NY Marathon in November. But, alas - a non-knee-related injury prevented him from running... but it didn't keep us from going to The Big Apple and doing lots of fun things like seeing The Jersey Boys! Praying he can do his dream marathon in NY in 2015!
  • A business trip in October to Vegas included a tag-a-long best buddy and a surprising crisscross with my sister's work schedule that allowed us an evening for dinner and The Blue Man Show. 
  • A year+ of lunches with a dear friend from work discussing how the Lord was leading her to adopt ended with sweet baby girl P coming home to North Carolina from Utah on Thanksgiving. So blessed to see God work! 
  • 2014 was a year of continued ministry through our life group..... hard at times but always, always, always a blessing.
  • And a little more work completed on our house this year.... the front living room is pretty much finished with new furniture as well as the dining room with a super cool table Matt had made by a friend using reclaimed wood from an old factory outside of Charlotte. 
  • For (I think) the 14th year in a row, we were blessed again to be able to spend a week at the beach for vacation, this time at Bald Head Island. Love the beach!!
  • 2014 has been a year of change at mine and Matt's workplace. Frankly, it's been hard. But I am trying to pay attention to what God is teaching me and I think this hard head is beginning to see a glimpse of what He is doing in me.  

I am amazed at how much God blesses me and mine..... I am thankful to just be sitting here in my warm house with a cup of coffee and feet propped up, typing and remembering. 2014, you were a good year!